Wildgoose Rural Training Centre

Last week David had the pleasure of attending the opening afternoon of Wildgoose Rural Training and Nature Reserve’s new centre, near Worcester. It was fantastic to see what had been achieved in such a short space of time and the energy and commitment of all involved. 

In 2018 DJD Architects obtained the planning permissions for their new centre,  located in the open countryside. We were so pleased to be able to assist Wildgoose achieve it’s dream of transitioning to a new, much larger site and continue it’s work.

Wildgoose Rural Training is a charity which offers meaningful land-based activities and training to individuals and groups of students in a relaxed, happy atmosphere.  They believe in the therapeutic value of working with plants and animals, which has been shown to reduce stress, resulting in better physical and mental well-being. Wildgoose welcome people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health issues. 

During the afternoon David spoke with some of the students who had been directly involved with the move to the new site – moving buildings, polytunnels, planting and livestock, as well as creating the new facilities – all were happy, enthusiastic and proud of their new centre. More than one staff member remarked what a pleasure it was now to come to work. 

To find out more about Wildgoose Rural Training visit their website here.