Commercial buildings have a significant impact on the businesses that use them and the people who work in them.

We often take for granted that buildings keep people, goods and furniture warm, dry and secure and for many of our Clients they just want to get on with what they do best, running their business, whether that is as leading accountants or specialist manufacturers. 

However, buildings have an important role to play in supporting our Client’s businesses and helping them perform better.  For example we have worked with Clients to space plan their existing buildings to make more efficient use of space; change the street presence of their building or their public areas to project a different image of their business, maximising its marketing potential; design additional space to allow a business to expand; work with a Client to understand their production processes to replan their site to increase capacity and improve safety; find new uses to bring redundant space back into use; to assess new buildings or sites for suitability, and to design completely new buildings.   

Professional advice can be key when deciding on changes to your buildings.  Often a little expert advice, listening to you to understand your needs, could mean some quick and easy changes to the way existing space is being used can achieve the result required without a major building project, extending or moving.  Where there is a need for building works, we can help make sure that you are getting best value for your business, it is achieving what you want it to and try and make sure that the building is ready to grow or change again in the future as your business need changes.

Acting as lead consultant, on your behalf, we can co-ordinate the work of the various consultants that will be needed to develop a final design and steer the project to completion.

We have experience of a range of procurement routes and contracts including traditional, design & build, and partnering.

If you feel you have run out of space where you are, your building isn’t working for you or you have space you don’t know what to do with, then get in touch. We can offer you a professional service to help make your buildings work best for your business.

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