Design Approach

DJD Architects believe good design makes things better.

Design Approach

We seek to deliver solutions that are more efficient, function better, are more sustainable and increase enjoyment in use.

We try to avoid preconceptions. We use our expertise to listen, understand and respond to the context in which we are designing. 

We believe architectural style is only one component of good design; traditional or contemporary, an appropriate response is drawn from its context. 

We work positively and collaboratively, with respect and professionalism. We add value through our experience and ingenuity, with the aim to exceed expectations.

We are always seeking to improve what we do, through research projects, education and review, which is demonstrated in our projects.

We use regular reviews to test that our designs are:

Does the project respond appropriately to its context; social, historic, economic, cultural?  

Have we listened to and understood the Client’s requirements and are these met? Is the project safe; does it minimise the risk and fear of crime through design and create somewhere that people feel safe? Can it be built, operated and maintained safely?

Is it designed to be robust with consideration of how it goes together? Has it been considered holistically; are structure, building services and landscape integrated? Are details well resolved so they continue to work over time?

Is the project going to have a positive impact on the people who use it; through quality of space, light, facilities, consideration of how it will be used? Is it beautiful?

Is it durable and long lasting? Are the materials used appropriate? Has energy and water usage been minimised? Is it adaptable?