Residential Development, High Street, Blakeney

A redundant local builder’s yard situated in the village centre conservation area provided opportunity for a small residential development. Demolition by the Highway Authority of a small bakery shop on the corner of the High Street and Church Square in the late 1950’s left a hole in the street scene and contributed an irregular addition to the site.

One of the design goals for the scheme was to reintroduce a building to infill the street frontage. This building had to respond to a sharply tapering plot and the sunken cottages to the west. The solution evolved from a plan containing only one right angle, generating a distinctive design form with an interplay of pitched roofs at differing levels.

The principal elements of the yard consisted of a stone built storage barn, formerly part of a 19th century brewery which once occupied the site, and a single storey workshop/store along the boundary with the adjoining property. The latter building was retained as a garage/store building in conjunction with the conversion of the storage barn to residential use.