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Affordable Housing, Shropshire

Stages 1-3 Feasibility - Planning

Following the successful development of the earlier sites consisting of 8 sites and 36 units, DJD Architects successfully tendered and were appointed for pre-tender architectural services for a further range of potential development sites.

As with the earlier sites many are garage courts situated to the rear of existing properties, often out of sight. We therefore had to address many of the same issues with the design relating to anti-social behaviour, analysing complex constraints such as over looking, relationships with existing developments, environmental considerations, navigating a large amount of statutory services crossing the sites. The Client provided data regarding local housing need to inform the creation of a suitable housing mix for the sites, informed by the site constraints.

Working closely with the Client and Employer's Agent, six sites were identified as being economically viable for development as a result of the initial feasibiities and taken forward to planning.. 

Pre-planning, DJD Architects led public consultations on behalf of STaRH. Out of these some design changes were incorporated into the proposals in response to public comments and reduce potential resistance at planning, whilst maintaining a favourable mix of unit types.

Planning applications were submitted in September 2016, with four of the sites subsequently gaining approval and the remaining sites due for determination shortly.


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