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Training, Research and Development

DJD Architects have begun an ambitious programme of training, research and development.

Beginning in November 2016, DJD Architects aim to invest five percent of architectural staff time in a programme of research, investigation and learning, involving all architectural team members. The programme aims to develop a body of specialist knowledge within the Practice; improve the way we work so that we are more effectie; increase the sharing of knowledge amongst the team; and assist the professional development of individual team members. This will enrich our architectural projects bringing additional value for our clients.

Projects with a published outcome will be shared here.


Subjects currently being worked on include:


Designing for Older People with Dementia

Wheelchair Accessible Housing Technical Standards

Structural Insulated Panels in Residential Design

Strategies for Carbon Efficient Design

Impact of Safeguarding Principles for Vulnerable People

Creating Customisable BIM Objects

Using 3D BIM in Virtual Reality

Improving Open Market and Affordable House Design

Selecting Renewable Technologies

Rammed Earth Construction

Designing for Older People with Dementia

Briefing Paper: Designing for Dementia

This paper provides an overview of best practice spatial design considerations for residential homes for older people with dementia.



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